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October Fast and Live Call for Encouragement

Posted July 2024 to Fasting Blog

Check out the website fasting calendar for the scheduled 1-day fast this month on the 23rd. We will have a live call at 8pm EST on prayer. Please join us as we continue to fast for our nation, the US elections, world crises, the economy, the Body of Christ, and for those without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Fasting is a discipline that helps us to gain and maintain control over our natural tendencies of the flesh.

Gaining Control Fast

Posted July 2024 to Fasting Blog

God honors obedience! This individual's obedience was at the right time for their request to be included in our fasting endeavor. Some desire to get rich, lose weight, build muscles, obtain an education, and so on quickly, but everything requires a process.

1-Day Fast Scheduled for 8/28/12

Posted July 2024 to Fasting Blog

Greetings fasting group partners! Another group fast is scheduled for August 28th. A live call is scheduled for the 28th at 8pm to 9pm EST for all registered participants. Please go to the website and click on the fasting tab, then on the Register for a Fast in the drop down box to register.

Welcome New Fasting Friends!

Posted July 2024 to Fasting Blog

Welcome to the secured fasting section! Fasting is a discipline that can take us to a higher level in the Spirit. This discipline helps us to gain control over the appetites of the flesh that keep us from reaching those higher levels. A more deeper relationship with the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ should be the desire of every Christian

Prayer on Last Day of Fasting

Posted July 2024 to Fasting Blog

Another 3-day fast is nearing the end and it was an awesome time in our corporate prayer this morning. The prophetic and revelation flowed in our prayer time. The live call on Monday night was really good and we appreciate the hosts and participants that joined us. Get on board and practice a biblical discipline that works in gaining and maintaining control over the appetites of the flesh!

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