Closing a Year Fast

Posted March 2024 to Fasting Blog

Another year is almost gone! My, how time flies! We have had some great fasting endeavors during the year of 2012. We have had a 21 day, several 3-day, many 1-day fasts, and quite a few single meal to a half day fasts. Every fast has had its rewards and we look forward to new opportunities for 2013. Fasting is a very rewarding discipline. It carries blessings from God and helps you gain strength over the desires of your flesh. In making new resolutions, or maybe you just have a desire to start a new year off different without calling it a New Year's resolution. Whatever the case, consider adding fasting to your spiritual development for the new year and join us in a group fast during 2013. Please continue to check our fasting calendar by registering on our website for a fast. Thank you and may you have many successes during the new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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