1-Day Fast Scheduled for 8/28/12

Posted March 2024 to Fasting Blog

Greetings fasting group partners! Another group fast is scheduled for August 28th. A live call is scheduled for the 28th at 8pm to 9pm EST for all registered participants. Please go to the website at www.danielevans.org and click on the fasting tab, then on the Register for a Fast in the drop down box to register. You will receive an email to direct you on how to gain access to the live call and any other pertinent information during the fasting period. Please register soon so that you can be approved for the fast. As always, we are excited for anyone that chooses to participate in a voluntary fast that will enhance their spiritual senses. Our live calls are designed to assist the group participants in any way possible during their fasting endeavor. We encourage, teach, and answer questions. At the end of each live call we invite anyone that would like stay on the line for a time of prayer to do so. We also take your prayer requests by email during the call for this prayer time. We are looking forward to hearing you on the next call and also knowing that you are participating with us in a group fast. The fasting guides located in the store of the website offer structure and many helps to assist you during your fast. Bless you and may strength, peace and God's presence be upon you during your time of fasting, praying and reading of the Word!

Daniel Evans

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