About Kingdom Business

As a businessman and founder of a successful family business, Daniel Evans shares his thoughts about business. As a Christian, the marketplace....

Daniel Evans is an author, evangelist, pastor, teacher, international and keynote speaker. He has the experience as the founder of a successful family business since 1979 and the experience as an evangelist and a pastor since 1982. All of these years were shared together which has attributed to his vast experience of leadership skills, team development, and the ability to work with people. For a few years during his ministry he had his own TV program in North Carolina and a radio program which aired in several states of the US.

Daniel is now sharing his leadership experience during his international travels and here in the states. His dynamic and motivational speaking style has attracted many to participate in his informative training and teaching conferences, and to listen to his inspirational keynote speaking. He teaches others how they can be 'enjoying life with purpose.'

God is very plain in His Word about order, structure and delegated authority. When this is recognized and respected in churches and the workplace there will be harmony, peace and joy. Daniel has some personal experiences to share concerning submission to God and others in authoritative positions. The Tower of Babel story has a lot to teach us about the statements above and wrong motives. Motives in business are very important for success.

Daniel has learned that one of the best ways to get out of debt is to give. This principle is not only applicable to your personal life, but to your business as well. People are the way to God's heart. Listen to His heart and you will hear His heart say, 'give.' Love people and use money, but never love money and use people!

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