What We Do

For many years, Daniel (Danny) Evans has been a dedicated student of the Word of God. Through his extensive Bible study, Danny has discovered a Truth that has not only changed his life but has also impacted every aspect of his personal life, ministry, and business. This life-changing Truth is the revelation that we cannot receive anything from the Lord outside of His Word. In order for us to truly know God and to understand His offer of salvation, His promises, His eternal judgment, and His desire for our lives, we must turn to His Word.

Through His Holy Spirit, the Lord revealed to Danny the Truth that the Word of God is an extension of God's hand. For those who will believe God's Word and will act upon It, God will touch their lives in whatever area they have need. They will receive a Divine Touch that will manifest a miracle in their lives.

This life-changing Truth is the on-going motivation behind the legal name of Danny's ministry, Divine Touch, as well as the logo that represents it. As the logo suggests, the Lord reaches through His Word to the world in order to meet the needs of the people. Healing, strength, comfort, peace, financial blessing, deliverance, and all other needs can be met as the Word of God is proclaimed and received. This is why we are committed to bringing the reality of this Truth to those who are hurting and to those who are seeking a closer walk with the Lord.

Divine Touch

Please, remember us in your prayers that we may continue to fight the battles to win souls to Christ, and to encourage, build up, and strengthen the Body of Christ in their ministries and businesses.