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Enjoying Life with Purpose

Enjoying Life with Purpose

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Since 1982, when Daniel (Danny) W. Evans accepted God’s call into the ministry, he has proclaimed the uncompromised Word of God from coast to coast. From the one-on-one nightly evangelistic services, camp meetings, and revival services, to the expanded tools of Christian television and radio, Danny has used whatever means the Lord has made available to him to tell others about the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Daniel W. Evans' organization is international and has on-going ministry partner efforts in India, China, Liberia, Kenya, Haiti and Romania. Daniel is the president of Divine Touch, Inc., which is the legal name for his 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. He is an author of several books. The latest of these books are 'Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting' and 'Extraordinary Giving.' He has also written several other prayer and fasting guides which include a 3-day and 21-day generic guide and a 21-day guide for each month of the year. These guides are found in the Fasting section of this site with more details.

His international travels have included crusades to tens of thousands, pastors' conferences, church meetings, revivals and large community events. He is also an associate pastor at his home church in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. Daniel has traveled in many areas of the United States and has worked extensively in the local community through his home church. His anointed preaching and teaching has drawn many to the Father's heart through salvation, healing and revelation. He is a strong advocate of prayer and fasting and helping others in need as the Holy Spirit directs him. Daniel is an author, pastor, evangelist, conference and keynote speaker, and a community leader. Since Daniel was called into the ministry he has used whatever means the Lord made available to share his knowledge and revelation to the Body of Christ and to the lost.

Daniel has brought God’s presence into the lives of others through his books, teaching and preaching series, and through countless hours of counseling of individuals and families on many different levels. He has great leadership skills in church and in business. He has many years of business experience since 1979, as the founder of a successful family business, and many years of experience since 1982, as an evangelist and a pastor. All of these years of business and ministry were shared together which has given him many leadership skills and experience working with people. His writing, teaching and preaching will reveal the experience and wisdom through years of business and ministry.

Now Daniel is sharing his leadership experience during his international travels and here in the states. His dynamic and motivational speaking style has attracted many to listen to his powerful sermons, informative teaching and inspirational keynote speaking. He teaches others how they can be enjoying life with purpose.