Welcome New Fasting Friends!

Posted March 2024 to Fasting Blog

I welcome you to the secured fasting section of the website. Fasting is a discipline that can take us to a higher level in the Spirit. This discipline helps us to gain control over the appetites of the flesh that keep us from reaching those higher levels. A more deeper relationship with the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ should be the desire of every Christian. Many are caught up in the flesh and its cravings and hinders us from developing the relationship with God the way we would like to. Fasting is a discipline that denies the flesh of one of its greatest survival needs; FOOD! Many times in scripture God has sustained those that trusted Him when there was no food and God always came through in supernatural ways. I don't know about you, but my flesh has the tendency of getting me in trouble and keeping me there. I have learned how to control many areas of my life that I can say no to the flesh and obey God to reap the benefits. I still fast to gain strength to control other areas so that I can get deeper in my relationship with God and gain strength to control more areas of the flesh.

You will actually enjoy fasting once you develop yourself through exercising it. A group fast is good for all in the group to be built up spiritually and in encouragement. We are looking forward to fasting with you in an upcoming scheduled fast. Review the calendar or contact us to coordinate a time that fits your schedule. Review the resources that will assist you through your fasting endeavor. A guide will be very valuable to help you through the process of writing down your commitments and keeping up with other pertinent information during your fast. Blessings upon you and I am looking forward to reading your testimony of your experience!

Daniel Evans

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