What is coming?

Posted November 2023 to Fasting Blog

Recently I spoke at a men's meeting on the subject of 'What is Coming?' Are you ready for what is coming? Do you think you have anything to do with what is coming? Sure you do! The theme was change. Some change we have no control of, but the change we do have control of seems to come upon us and we accept it as it is. We should desire and help create positive change. This was a great teaching and eye opener. Are we willing to open our eyes to new revelation? Are we willing to accept change? Who would want your baby to stay a baby and keep you tied down for the rest of your life? No one I am sure! As they grow you have control until they begin to make more of their own decisions. Those decisions by you and them will make the difference.

This teaching reminded me how important fasting is. We need more control of our lives and less interference from the flesh. Fasting helps us gain this control. It is a great discipline. When is the last time you fasted? Have you ever fasted? Do you understand the discipline? You can go to our website under the tab of fasting to read and listen to many hours of teaching on this subject from a panel of experienced fasting practitioners.

Blessings upon you with many successes!

Daniel Evans

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