1-day fast

October Fast and Live Call for Encouragement

Posted November 2023 to Fasting Blog

Check out the website fasting calendar for the scheduled 1-day fast this month on the 23rd. We will have a live call at 8pm EST on prayer. Please join us as we continue to fast for our nation, the US elections, world crises, the economy, the Body of Christ, and for those without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Fasting is a discipline that helps us to gain and maintain control over our natural tendencies of the flesh.

What is coming?

Posted November 2023 to Fasting Blog

We need more control of our lives and less interference from the flesh. Fasting helps us gain this control. It is a great discipline. When is the last time you fasted? Have you ever fasted? Do you understand the discipline? You can go to our website under the tab of fasting to read and listen to many hours of teaching on this subject from a panel of experienced fasting practitioners.