Gaining Control Fast

Posted March 2024 to Fasting Blog

Our September 25th fast went very well. We had an individual on our prayer list that had a dream and the name Daniel Evans came to them. They had no idea who I was, but went to FaceBook and sent me a friend request. When I saw the friend request I knew something was different about this request. I accepted the friend request and the individual immediately responded with great gratitude. They had no idea I would accept the request not knowing them and besides that, located on the other side of the world. After messaging back and forth several times their prayer request was for the brother and mother. The request was touching. Little did they know we were preparing to start a fast and their request became one of the focus points for the group fast. You never know what the Holy Spirit may have for you. God honors obedience! This individual's obedience was at the right time for their request to be included in our fasting endeavor. Some desire to get rich, lose weight, build muscles, obtain an education, and so on quickly, but everything requires a process. You will not gain control over the propensities of your flesh overnight, but consistent practice and trusting God will allow you to gain control over the areas of your flesh that create the most issues for you. So, it is not about gaining control fast, but gaining control through many fasts. Schedule your Gaining Control Fast TODAY!

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