Everyday is a Special Day

Posted November 2023 to Fasting Blog

With another year of fasting under our belts, I would like to take the time to be thankful for who I am and what I have in Christ. Who I am is all about Christ who lives within me through the Holy Spirit. What I have is not only what I possess personally, but to include family, friends, committed fasting partners, the family of God, and others. Thanksgiving should not be one day to give thanks. Christmas should not be the one day to give a gift. New Year’s Day should not be the one day to make resolutions for change. But, these seasons should lead us into an everyday reminder to be thankful, give, and start fresh with new commitments when prompted and the opportunity presents itself. Make everyday a day to celebrate our Lord and to be thankful for what He has accomplished in us, through us, and for us. A day that causes us to reflect and thank Him for His many blessings upon us that we may have taken for granted and failed to thank Him for. A day to be thankful for those around us. Those we may take for granted, fail to appreciate, and who we should thank for their dedication and commitment to be our family and friends. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are just three days that we should not place above any other day, but days to help us reflect, remember, and show our appreciation for every other day. Whether you fast or not this month, enjoy your time around the table for a meal with your family and friends and be honored that God has blessed you with another day to share with them. I am thankful for you, which helps make my life what it is. We add value to each other by honoring one another with thankfulness, recognition and godly love! Blessings my friends as these holiday seasons pass and my prayer for you is that you remain safe, joyful and full of love all year, everyday!

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