Strategy Groups 


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The importance of Strategy Groups is found in the definition. The definition of the word strategy - a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result: to compare tactics for a particular long-term plan for success, especially in business or politics.

These groups will be organized and launched to offer additional assistance to participants of the 3 Steps to Basic Financial Stability program who have successfully completed the program.

A prerequisite for someone to join a Strategy Group is they must first go through the program 3 Steps to Basic Financial Stability. If you have not gone through this program, you can get details of how to do so from the website.

The group as a whole will offer assistance to each member of the group to work through their financial strategizing and planning.

We will offer information, guidance and assistance to stay on focus.

We will offer guidance to strategies for getting out of debt or attaining financial freedom.

We will offer assistance to the group to SET GOALS.

These goals are set with the intent to help you achieve measurable results by giving you focus, clarity, and purpose.

Goals with an action plan for achieving them.

We will give new tools to assist you such as a Foundation Inspection ChartGifting Program and Closing Calendar Example.

These groups will continue once a week for five (5) weeks. (They can be organized to fit quicker schedules depending upon other assigned paid participants.)

The telephone calls will be live and open for full discussion between the participants and the facilitator(s).

The participant size of each group is very important.

Each group will have a minimum amount of paid participants with one (1) to two (2) program facilitators.

Maintaining the group’s size to a minimum will offer a sense of comfort for accountability and security purposes, because sensitive information may be discussed.

Is this additional support of interest to you?

If value has been added to you through knowledge of your financial status by completing the 3 Steps to Basic Financial Stability program, then you may desire to continue your pursuit in a very inexpensive and rewarding way.

Strategy Group is inexpensive compared to the value you have received concerning your financial stability.

Other topics will be discussed for goal setting within the groups.

Business start up and some proper procedures to follow.

Inspecting and securing your business foundation.

You need to sign up to secure your place in a scheduled group and fill out a questionnaire to be placed in a group.

The price to be placed in a Strategy Group consisting of five (5) sessions is $497.00 (Coming Soon!). Email for details on how to purchase.

Your strategy group slot must be paid in full to be placed and to receive details for accessing the group.

Printable Brochure

  Strategy Group Resources:

The Business Foundation Inspection Chart is included with the purchase of a slot as a participant in a Strategy Group. The inspection chart is a great tool to help anyone who desires to start a new business and for anyone who has an existing business.

The Personal/Business Gifting Program is included with the purchase of a slot as a participant in a Strategy Group. The appreciation gift program allows you to focus your marketing campaign and to seize the opportunity to sow back into others through an appreciation gift. This is a complete program that offers structure to your marketing strategies of sowing a gift and gifts of appreciation to those you are already connected to.

The Closing Calendar is a significant tool to a business with repetitive tasks scheduled throughout the year. It is not a replacement for a daily, weekly or monthly calendar, but has its place. This calendar will be discussed in detail and will be an asset to your business and personal scheduling.