3 Steps to Basic Financial Stability

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Program Hosts:
Daniel and Frank share from their combined business experience of over sixty years!

Daniel Evans


Frank Blalock



take action toward your financial success

This financial program is designed to add value to you as a business owner and your personal financial well-being. We will share with you some basic guidelines through a budgeting process. By following the entire process of implementing practical tools and applying valuable knowledge through four sessions, you will learn how to recognize problematic areas and gain control over your finances. This should be what any business owner or anyone for their personal finances would want. Why go in business or as an individual excel toward promotion and increase on your job if you can't make money and control your money through proper management techniques. Our goal is to help business owners and individuals in their personal finances strive to live lack free, debt free, and worry free! Sounds good doesn't it? Learn the basics, apply the knowledge and implement the practical tools. Depending upon your level of commitment to the process, results of your financial freedom will soon be noticed.

This program or any extensions thereof cannot guarantee a positive increase to your bottom line, revenue or client base, or a decrease to your expenses. This program offers basic information and practical tools to increase awareness to your financial status and present clarity of financial weaknesses. When weaknesses are known, guidance is given and practical tools are implemented, financial freedom can be achieved.

It's All About the Bottom Line!

In business, at the end of the day it's all about the bottom line! What does it take for you to be in business and stay in business? You have to make a commitment to yourself to be proactive in your business and keep it financially in the black!

If you are operating a business and co-mingling personal funds with business operating monies then you're heading for an inevitable train wreck. Keep separate budgets and operate within preset guidelines. Know your costs and manage them so that you can gain and maintain control of your bottom line.

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