about Frank Blalock the Business Man


Frank is an excellent speaker with a dynamic presentation style and has  been doing public speaking since he was 11 years old.  All through his formative years and during High School where  he traveled extensively along the Eastern Seaboard as a child evangelist! In 1976 he founded and organized what is now called Christ Connection Ministries International, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) 

As a Raleigh, NC businessman, owner of Strategy One LLC and Real Estate Broker, Frank is skilled in the art of communication. He meets regularly with business people in the Triangle and across the country as an adviser, mentor and coach. As an entrepreneur he has spent his whole life in business and understands its ups and downs, its challenges and successes! He has a passion to share his experiences to help others accomplish their dreams and goals more quickly!

Frank serves as a Director and/or adviser on several non profit boards including AiLing Hua Foundation headed by his wife AiLing. International travel is a normal part of Frank Blalock’s life: especially China. He has traveled there innumerable times over the years to teach and to train leaders! And it was in China that he met his beautiful wife in 2000. Together they established AiLing Hua Foundation in 2007 and AiLing Hua Children’s Home in 2009 in Shenzhen, to care for abandoned and orphaned children. 'Awakening the national conscience of China to care for orphaned children' is the scarlet thread that runs through the fabric of AiLing Hua Foundation which is the primary funding instrument to raise the necessary resources for the home.  

Frank is constantly adding value to others through his public speaking, phone consultations, and other venues where he is able to utilize the skills learned as an entrepreneur in several business operations he's been involved in over the years! He understands the work ethic but that it is more than just working but working smart! Know your dream and work your dream and you will find a joy and satisfaction like you could never have imagined.

Frank lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife AiLing and their pets ‘Queen Sheba’ a beagle and King Solomon a Shie Tsu.