Mike Harbour in Arkansas USA says:

I met Daniel Evans through our affiliation and the certification process of the John Maxwell Team. I connected with Daniel because of our common interest in faith and business and bringing the two together to impact and influence the kingdom in which we live, work and play.

We all need a coach, and not only has Daniel become a friend, he has become a coach in my life. What Daniel has is what we all need if we are striving to impact the kingdom with our finances. I have this desire, but not the knowledge of good business processes when it comes to managing the flow of cash into and out of my business. I know how to make it, but not how to manage it and therefore have found myself bleeding at times because of the deep wounds I have created from this lack of awareness.

Daniel is a master of business knowledge and financial stewardship. He has built businesses that continue to influence. Daniel’s down to earth coaching style, helping and encouraging me is starting to help me put the right tools and systems in place to build a sustainable financially sound business.

If you desire to have financial freedom, it is not just about making money, it is about having the right guide to take you where you want to go. Daniel Evans is your guide!! 

Nadean Lewis in North Carolina USA says:

"I see real value in the 3 Steps to Basic Financial Stability program! It is packed full of real life experience information! The budget spreadsheet alone is an excellent tool to get your finances organized and accounted for. If we're to succeed in life we need good mentors and I believe that is exactly what this program does! It is a good mentor to get you started on the right track to personal or business financial success!"

Bart Melotte in Belgium says:

Several years ago, my Life took a huge turn after loosing everything due to a bankruptcy. A year after that event, I dedicated my Life to God and to helping people. To do that, I felt called to become a Public Speaker and a professional coach. When I made that decision, another decision came with it. I searched for world class people to train me in the different areas of interest. This eventually took me to the John Maxwell Team.

When I signed up for the John Maxwell Team, I knew that I was surrounding myself with great leaders in different areas that I would need to develop in the future. That is exactly how I got to hearing about this program. One of these great and profound leaders was Daniel Evans. We started talking about different areas of my life that needed work, after all the speakers and coaches training. When I connected with Daniel, I knew that I had met my next world class mentor. This time in the area of finances and how to let finances work for you while you work for God instead of working to stay alive and forgetting all about God.

When I choose my mentors, I first look at their personal life and I ask myself if they are where I would like to be. And will they be able to relate to the situation that I am in. In my case, it would be hard to learn about financial stability from somebody who got everything from home and never had to go through hard times.

When I read Daniel's book "Extraordinary Giving" I knew that this was the man who can teach me everything about Financial Stability. Whatever your financial status might be right now, I sincerely believe that Daniel has been in every possible situation that can relate to your own and you will benefit tremendously by learning and applying the principles that he shares in "3 steps to basic financial stability."  Daniel Evans has been a Blessing in my Life from the moment we connected and I sincerely trust that he will add Value to your business and personal life, as a Teacher and more important, as a Friend that cares.