about Daniel evans the Business Man

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Daniel Evans' extensive career in business and ministry has given him the ability to develop teams, create programs for management, estimating and finances along with implementing them, and manage people, projects and money. Managing money for business and a non-profit has also helped him to realize the importance of accountability and financial freedom.

Daniel is the president of Divine Touch, Inc., which is the legal name for his 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. He has operated under Daniel Evans Ministries (DEM) since 1982 and in 2001 Divine Touch, Inc was formed to manage all finances of DEM. This organization is international and has on-going ministry partner efforts in India, China, Liberia, Kenya, Haiti and Romania.

He is the founder of an international business and sits as a director on the board and assists as a financial administrator. Over the years, Daniel assisted in the creation of and also created methods and systems for proper management of estimated projects with accounting systems and standard project management procedures. This allowed more efficient project management of individual project job costs. Utilizing production reports with the created methods, a project could be followed during start up to completion with ease in identifying potential problems. Enforcing these management techniques, a project is more likely to yield higher profits and lower losses due to variables of on-going site difficulties beyond control. He has learned that no matter what your expected profit margin is, whether in a budget or an individual estimated project, proper financial management raises the potential of higher profits and lowers the potential of increased losses. 

He is an author of several books to include teaching curriculum for business and church. His writing consists of spiritual, leadership and business topics. The spiritual writings are topics around the discipline of prayer and fasting to include sixteen structured guides to assist a practitioner through each day of a prayer and fasting endeavor. Another book titled 'Extraordinary Giving,' has evolved into a teaching package to include the book, a teaching guide, student workbook, nine Power Point Presentations, and an audio series of nine lessons on CD. There are other books and teaching curriculum he has written around business. For an example the program titled '3 Steps to Basic Financial Stability' with curriculum and many other practical tools was created for business owners and anyone's personal finances. He operates his authorship under his name Daniel W. Evans, but through Daniel Evans Books for financial management purposes.

Daniel has inspired and enlightened the lives of others through his books, teaching series, and through countless hours of counseling and coaching of individuals and families on many different levels. He is a certified coach, trainer and speaker through two programs. They are the John Maxwell Team and the Deeper Path Team by Kary Oberbrunner. He has great leadership skills in church and in business. He has years of business experience as the founder of a successful family business since 1979, and years of experience as an evangelist and pastor since 1982. All of these years of business and ministry were shared along side each other. This paralleling of experience has allowed him to develop many leadership skills and much experience working with people. His writing and teaching will reveal the experience and wisdom from his years of involvement in business and ministry.

Now, Daniel is full-time sharing his leadership experience during his national and international travels and through his writing. His dynamic and motivational speaking style has attracted many to listen to his powerful sermons, informative teaching and inspirational keynote speaking. He teaches others how they can equip themselves for enjoying life with purpose.

Daniel resides with his wife and younger son in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. They have a daughter and another son that are married with children living in North Carolina as well.