Life and Leadership Nuggets 

We use these images for encouragement, social media postings and training. Our desire is to sow seeds of encouragement to help you tap your innate potential. Daniel, as an author, uses his writing to help others shape their dreams. He thinks outside of the box to create curriculum, write books, blog, train and coach individuals into becoming the best they can be. Once this happens it is smoother sailing through the streams of life. Think about the five questions below as you review each image. Be the master of your own mind to not allow it to harbor stinking thinking, sinking thinking or blinking thinking. Life does not stink. You will not sink. You will not blink and miss another opportunity. You have captured every thought and dispelled the negative and holding on to the positive. Life is good! Whether you have acknowledged and accepted it or not, you are a leader in some way, form or fashion. You have the potential of becoming far more than what others have accepted as the norm. Make the right choices and begin SHAPING YOUR DREAM!

We have just spoken into your life. However, you must acknowledge the same, come into agreement with what was spoken and speak it into your life as well!

1.   What do these images speak to you?

2.   How can they help you present your message to the world?

3.   How can they help your personal growth?

4.   How can they help you be the leader you were destined to be?

5.   How can they help you live life to its fullest and influence your part of the world positively?