Prophetic Significance of Prayer Fortress

Global Prayer Fortress

Frank Blalock - 'Prophetic Elements of the Fortress'.

Frank Blalock - 'Global Concept of Prayer Fortresses'.

Daniel Evans - 'Prayer Fortress Details'.

Prophetic Elements of the Fortress

The Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center was conceived in my spirit because of the revelation that no project we undertake should be without having first been saturated in prayer. I am not an architect nor am I in possession of any skills of a draftsman. And yet as the idea formed within me I began to use the instruments at my disposal to make rudimentary sketches of what the Lord was illuminating to me.

Much of the exquisite design and detail of prophetic symbolism came to me in prayer. Structural Design solutions came as I lay before the Lord in meditation. I have often reflected upon what God created in the Spirit Realm and am astonished at God’s artistic genius.  God is extravagant in His generosity as is exhibited in creation and even in His instructions for the building of the tabernacle in the desert and in the eventual Temple built by King Solomon.

As you walk through immaculately detailed doors carved by hand which speak of God’s love for mankind and His plans both now and for the future you will come into an environment beautifully designed with unique prophetic symbolisms inspired by the Holy Spirit. The intent is to draw all attention to God and to set an environment where God alone is praised. Every component of the Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center declares the glory of God through its symbolism, measurements, purpose and even down to the type and quality of the building materials themselves.

I offer, all God has imparted to me by revelation back to Him, as a gift and to the body of Christ as a place to come and pray: to seek the face of the one true God and to experience His miracles as you call upon His name and seek His face.

By Frank L. Blalock