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Global Prayer Fortress

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Frank Blalock - 'Global Concept of Prayer Fortresses'.

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Global Concept of Prayer Fortresses

We are admonished in the Scriptures to pray and we’re encouraged and emboldened to come to God who has promised to hear us when we do so. We are part of a new army of leaders God has raised up to draw attention to the power of prayer and to construct facilities where people can come together to seek God to save the nations of the world and bring the people of the nations to Himself.

The Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center is part of a unique move of God in this day. Leaders of nations will come to this facility to pray for their own nations and experience the genuine power of Christ to change their nations. The leaders of the nations of the earth are becoming increasingly aware of their personal inabilities to solve the problems of their people.  This Center and others like it will be a place where they can come securely and confidentially to seek the counsel of God. And God will make Himself known in real and tangible ways.

As you walk on the floor of the Global Prayer Fortress and prophetic Center which is a marble map of the nations you will be standing on the nations and praying for the people of that particular nation.  As you take the 40 steps up the beautiful limestone balustrade to the balcony you will be able to touch the flag of every nation on earth and pray for the governments of the nations.

There are four doors leading into the Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center from each direction of the compass. Once you enter the facility you walk through an outer circle into the main prayer chamber.  These doors are all chiseled with the most intricate of detail. The Eastern door is especially unique as it envisions the gate of pearl entering into the New Jerusalem!

Perfectly in the center of the inner circle or main chamber is a gorgeous Fountain of Shofars. The central shofar of the fountain is actually composed of three shofars interwoven as one while surrounded by twelve smaller shofars that circle the fountain tossing up smaller streams of water to mingle with that coming down from the central fountain.

The Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center is deliberately designed by component, size, and measurement to speak prophetic proclamations.

As many will travel great distances and from many nations, it is important that housing is available for those who are purposed to stay and tarry in prayer for extended periods of time and / or until God gives the answer to prayer. An environment will be and should be set both inside the Prayer Center and outside that creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility free of external and environmental distractions. Never forget how ready God is to meet with you when you pray and prepare a place for Him. He will visit and dwell in physical structures as an accommodation of assembly for those who have prepared the most intimate of habitation for Him in their hearts. 

The Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center is a place where people can come together corporately to seek His face and favor for themselves, their families, communities and especially the nations of the earth. Even though God is bigger than any building, He will always dwell where His people make a place for Him.

By Frank L. Blalock