Request to be a Covenant Partner

This is a submission form for anyone who would like to register to become a covenant partner through our U.R. 120 Partnership Program. After this form is submitted you will receive information in approximately two (2) weeks describing the program in more detail on your responsibilities and of course, ours as well being partners with you. If you have made your first month's donation from the website, we will also start processing your benefits when we receive this submission. We would like to thank you for making the decision to partner with us. Together we CAN accomplish more!

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Notes for submitting the form and what to expect after the submission and the receipt of your Partnership information:

  • If you have made your first month's donation, we will start your benefit process as described on the website.
  • In approximately two (2) weeks you will receive more detailed information describing both of our partner responsibilities.
  • You will start receiving our monthly letter.