Fasting Article by Bob Harvey

FastingFasting has become one of the greatest experiences of my Christian life. I have been fasting for almost 40 years. Even before I truly understood what it really meant in my life I would fast.

Over the years I have truly come to see that fasting is one of the most important parts of my Christian life, because it is in those times that I truly get close to Jesus. Many times during a fast I can be at work and very busy and the presence of the Lord will consume me. He will seem so close and so real.

I will never make an important decision in my life without fasting, even if it is only a day. I know I hear Gods voice much clearer when I am fasting. Although, things are hectic I am much more in tune to the voice of the Holy Spirit when fasting.

Four years ago I started doing a 21 day fast at the first of each year. It set the Spiritual tone for the rest of the year. Future life decisions for the year I have seen clearly during those times.

I am one of those that believes in all Jesus said. In Mark 16:17, Jesus said, one of the signs that would follow those that believe is, "In His name they would cast out demons." In Mark 9:29, Jesus told His disciples that some demons only come out through prayer and fasting. On many occasions I have witnessed this first hand. The discernment during times of fasting and the power released cannot be described. Thank God for His closeness and awesome power.

I have been blessed with close brothers in the Lord that believe as I do. In 2010 in Kenya, Africa we saw a great turn around in people there because we set aside a day to pray and fast. God honored our fasting and prayer and poured out His Spirit in a great way.

I am most grateful for all God has done in my life. I do know that fasting and prayer have and will continue to be a very important part of my Christian walk.

By Bob Harvey