Conception and Purpose of A.C.T.I.O.N. in Washington

USAWhile I was travelling out of the country with some friends on a mission trip, the question was presented to me, "what are you all doing for the US?" Well, the answer went something like this. We pray often, we vote, we are updated on current events for more focused prayer, and so on. Another question was asked, "But, what are you doing in Washington as you are doing here?" This caused my friends and me to think a little deeper on what we are really doing for our country? We talked on this subject several times while on this trip and came to the conclusion that we needed to do more than what we are doing. The Holy Spirit spoke to me to do something on a more personal basis. Many go to walk the city and pray or gather in the city on a given time and pray. Others go for other reasons that may have good spiritual merit, but I wanted to do something different.

After returning home I was contemplating on what to do in our nation’s Capital. The thought came to my mind that we need a different type of action. The word action caused a light to come on in my spirit. I knew it had something to do with personal action and Washington. While at the computer I began to type the word action and I saw an acrostic. The word action became Anointing Celebration To Impact Our Nation. This was what I was looking for. The anointing is simply the presence of God and the presence of God should cause you to celebrate. Therefore, our mission trips to our nation’s Capital would be called A.C.T.I.O.N. in Washington. We will visit in the offices of our nation's Senators to speak to any Senator and their staff that are available. This was more of the personal touch I was looking for. We could celebrate the presence of the Lord in our lives and share that with the leaders of our nation.

I began planning for our first A.C.T.I.O.N. trip and had fourteen people to attend that first mission trip to our nation’s Capital. Working through our local Senator's office we were able to get security clearances for the White House and to get a room reserved in one of the Senate Office Buildings near the Capitol Building. We were also able to get gallery tickets for the Senate and the House. This is awesome, because you can go inside the rooms where discussions take place over what impacts our nation and pray while this is going on. The reserved room in the Senate Building was for our group only, and we had people come to us for prayer when they heard we were there. This room was also used as our field office to send groups of two to each Senate building to visit Senators and their staffs. We did not leave the room unattended so that we would be ready for visitors as well.

We had several come to the assigned room to ask us what we were there for and ended up asking for prayer. As more found out the reason we were there, they came specifically for prayer. We were invited to see other departments and were given gifts because they admired what we were doing. To every question asked of why we were there we gave the same answer, "we are here to encourage and pray for whoever will allow us to do so." We went on to add, "We believe this is what we can do to make a difference in our country by speaking positive, encouraging and prophetic things into our leaders no matter what side of the aisle they are on." We went into many of the Senators' offices and did not see a Senator because they were not there, but we did speak with the staffs and some of them allowed us to pray for them. We met very few Senators on our first trip, but we made an impact in their offices. This was the personal touch that I desired to have with the leaders of our nation.

I believe one of the most important parts of our mission trip to our nation’s Capital is the preparation we laid out each night with the entire group present. The preparation included instructions for the next day, DVD's on why our nation's government and churches need a spiritual awakening, questions, comments, and last of all we had scripture reading, devotions and prophetic prayer. There weren't many dry eyes or spirits that weren't lifted to a higher level when we left that room. There was no time limit on our meetings and we allowed the Holy Spirit freedom to minister as He desired. This is the reason our daily activities went so well. We had favor, we were full of joy, we had purpose, and we were anointed. No religious or political spirit could keep anyone from fulfilling their purpose if they have those things going for them. I had several reports that the night events at the hotel were better for spiritual growth and enrichment than any of the daytime activities. However, they did say the prayer times and visitations with the Senators and their staffs were awesome opportunities.

This is only our second year, but we look forward to next year. I believe in the power of influence. As an individual we may not be able to make much of a change, but together we can make a difference. We can influence each other for the better while we are influencing our political leaders with encouragement and support through prayer. I also believe that what we do will impact our nation not only for our own good, but for the good of every American. That is why the following statement is part of our mission purpose when visiting our nation’s Capital in Washington, DC. Moving into Action on Behalf of All Americans!

By Daniel Evans