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Frank Blalock was born the youngest child of nine children to his parents and brought up in a family that feared God and taught him to live by righteous principles.  Before the age of eight he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and by the age of 11 years old had preached his first sermon in his local church in Farmville, NC.  All through his formative years and during High School he traveled extensively as a child evangelist leading many to make a full commitment to Christ.

In 1976 Frank survived a head on collision with an inebriated driver. His dad lost his life in that accident but had just worked with his son to form Christ Connection Ministries International (CCMI). When your life is spared from certain death it enhances your awareness of your mortality and the imperative requirement to make your life count for something that exceeds the ordinary and mundane. So whether he was serving as Bible Club president in his local High School, driving a bus, or traveling the roads late at night returning from numerous speaking engagements his  efforts were always targeted toward blessing people and pleasing God.

As a minister, intercessor and one who operates in the prophetic office Frank Blalock travels to meet with business leaders to personally pray with them.  He often prays prophetic insight into situations after he has listened to the issues they’re confronting. He then makes a commitment to stand in agreement with them until they realize their breakthrough. It is his philosophy that quite often God requires ‘boots on the ground’. Often you have to go to the physical location to pray to expedite the victory over adverse issues hindering a breakthrough in business or one’s personal life. The best example to consider is how Christ had to come to the earth to put His feet on the ground to bring redemption to a fallen race.

International travel is a normal part of Frank Blalock’s life and ministry: especially China. He has travelled there countless times over the years to teach and to train leaders, and to pray over the nation at the key landmarks and cultural exhibitions. It is in China that he met his beautiful wife AiLing. Together they established AiLing Hua Children’s Home in 2009 in Shenzhen,  to care for abandoned and orphaned children. “Awakening the national conscience of China to care for orphaned children” is the scarlet thread that runs through fabric of AiLing Hua Foundation which is the primary funding instrument to raise the necessary resources for the home.

Frank is an excellent speaker with a dynamic presentation style that leans totally upon the Holy Spirit to minister directly to the hearts of the congregation with whom he is sharing. He has a passion to encourage people to live to the fullest of God’s call and purpose for their lives. He preaches a message of victorious living having personal knowledge of God’s salvation and deliverance in his own life and is able to use those experiences as examples of the faithfulness of God in the area of business as well as in one’s personal life.

Frank lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife AiLing and their pets ‘Queen Sheba’ a beagle and King Solomon a Shie Tsu.

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