About Danny Evans Jr.

Danny Evans Jr.Danny Evans Jr., while at home as a child, was accustomed to see flourishing business from an entrepreneur father of DW Evans Electric, Inc. He grew up in church and was also accustomed to church leadership roles filled by his parents and additional ministry efforts of singing engagements in many places. As a young man in high school many of his conversations with his teachers was to work in his father's business. While in high school he started working part time in the business and soon was recognized as a responsible leader who could handle positions of authority. He climbed the ladder of success to become the Vice President and to own shares in the company. He has managed multiple projects to account for great profits and even in another division of the company named CERTEK to price, negotiate and manage international projects. Danny has proven to be a businessman of integrity and to allow his faith in God to set high standards for his business activities.

Danny also holds leadership roles in his home church. He is the Youth Director and has several people he allows to assist in the teaching and training of the young people. Growing up in a home of singing and playing instruments Danny also followed the routine of being the bass guitarist and a lead singer of the praise team of his home church as well. As a natural born leader he has assisted other leaders and also took the lead role on many projects at his church. He has attended several meetings with parents and their youth to discuss problems. He has also proven to be a well-balanced and calm counselor and mediator to help the hurting through their issues.

As a family man, Danny married Candace Watts and they have rapidly progressed to develop into a family that loves to associate with other young adults and the youth. They love to entertain people at their home and this is always a perfect time to bond and set an example of Christian principles and living. Their son, Shane, is also following the footsteps with a desire to play an instrument and who knows, maybe singing will follow. Danny's family is very active in the church, on their jobs, at school, and developing relationships with people.

Danny's passion and love for the Lord supersedes all of his other loves, which is what brings success into his life. Success through the Lord is the motivation for Danny's efforts to provide for his family, teach the youth, play and sing in praise and worship, and to be a businessman of faith.