About Bob Harvey

Bob HarveyMy name is Bob Harvey and I was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 12, 1948. Most importantly, I was born again into the Family of God in July of 1972. At this time I reside between Durham and Kannapolis North Carolina. I am married to a wonderful, beautiful Christian lady named Gail. I have four children, which consist of two girls and two boys. All four of my children are married and they are Christians. I am blessed to have seven grandchildren.

I have been an Allstate Insurance agent since October 14, 1973. Gail, my wife, now owns an independent agency in Kannapolis, NC. As you can imagine we are very busy. God has truly blessed us in our businesses over the years. Our offices are our mission fields. We have led people to Jesus through salvation and witnessed the supernatural power of God heal individuals in our office. We have realized for years that we are the Church in the local church, at home and at work.

God has given me the opportunity to go on five mission trips to India, twice to Liberia (Africa), Kenya (Africa), and Romania. I went to see the lives of people change, but it actually changed me. I believe with great hope and expectance to continue to participate in future mission trips. My heart's passion is as Isaiah said, 'here am I, send me!'

I am an advocate of prayer and fasting. You can read my article on fasting in the Fasting section of this site. My life has changed and I am blessed as a family man and a business owner because of my relationship with Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I can attest to the fact that He has led my life in starting businesses, finding my wife, friends I associate with, and the church I attend. There is no problem for me seeking God in every area of my life to direct my steps and share my experiences with others during the journey. God is my source and I will continue to draw from the well that will never run dry!

My wife and I are currently members of a church in Concord, North Carolina. Our desire is to serve Jesus in any way He may lead us.