About AiLing Blalock

Ailing BlalockAiLing Yang Blalock is a graduate of Sichuan University in Chengdu. She served as a translator and interpreter while residing in China. After moving to the United States in 2000, AiLing was credentialed as a preschool teacher at Durham Technical Community College. She was granted the award of "Teacher of Excellence" at RACL in the year 2007.

Following her passion to care for orphaned and abandoned children in China, in 2007 she set up AiLing Hua Foundation: a Non-Profit Public Charity for the primary purpose of funding AiLing Hua Children’s Home in Shenzhen, China.

AiLing’s true passion began while she was a college student, sitting at a roadside coffee house. She recounts, “A little beggar with a dirty face tugged at my clothes and said, “Hi, Ayi!” “As we talked, I learned that she was born in a poor village nearby. An old woman rescued her after she was discarded in a bathroom because she was a female. Seven years later the old lady, her only caregiver died. So she ran away! Begging became a way of life for mere survival.

As I looked at her, I wept. She had no shelter, no food, and no parents to care for her. My raw compassion compelled me to load her on the back of my bicycle and head to my parents. After the little girl had a bath at my parent’s home and I gave her some of my old clothes, I asked my dad could she stay at our home, even if we had to let her work as a maid. My Dad refused! “She’s not yet an adult!”

I next tried my sainted Grandmother who did at least take her in albeit with some reservation. But alas after only three days, she too turned her out onto the streets. At that time, being only a student myself, trying to figure out what life is all about, I found myself helpless in saving this lost child. I’ve often wondered what happened to her. Did she ever find help? Did she ever find love and a home?

But a seed was planted in my soul that day, and I nurtured it over the years until it found a place to flourish in Ailing Hua Children’s Home. Never lose your dream and especially when that dream makes the world a better place. Every child we take in speaks of a type of redemption for the one child I could not help.”