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I need your help! Could you please do two things for me? All who help will be entered into a contest. First, I need 5-Star reviews for my latest book. Would you take 5-10 minutes and give me 5-Stars? Secondly, would you purchase my eBook for $3.99 on Amazon? There will be no additional charges, other than tax. You will download the eBook from Amazon. Click here to access links to purchase the book and Daniel's personal invitation to you. Drawing will be on 9/18/15.

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need help in your finances?

Is this you? Do you desire to be financially free? Pursue knowledge of how to get rid of the chronic pain of living week to week and the feeling of having no control over your financial status.

Our goal is to help businesses, individuals and their families strive to live lack free, debt free, and worry free!


four important words

Commitment is the superglue that maintains a strong bond. When failure occurs, a good place to start looking for greater chances of a no repeat is at the commitment. A good way to understand commitment is to compare commitment to a magnetic lock and action as the constant electricity. If action, the electricity, is stopped; the commitment, the magnetic lock, will cease to hold.



New book

As a leader, I have learned many lessons. Some of them even took me through the school of hard knocks. Dragged to the woodshed would be a bed of roses compared to some of life’s lessons. I believe they have prepared me for future lessons. Can you relate?


new - Prayer notes

A new page is coming! These prayer notes are derived from prayers by Frank Blalock with Christian business people. He has a strong anointing as a Prophet to the business community. He is heavily involved with Daniel Evans in ministry and business, Christ Connection Ministries International, Ailing Hua Foundation, Men of Significance and Burning Bush Ministries.

prayer notes


What is your plan for 2015?


Many start making plans and setting goals at the beginning of a new year. Whether the goals are to be a better parent, leader, to save money or study the Bible, structure will help you meet your goals. For those of you who take your planning seriously, we have provided some ideas for you. We want you to succeed in whatever goals you set for this New Year.


Teaching Package

When the ‘Extraordinary Giving Teaching Package’ of the book ‘Extraordinary Giving’ was taught at my home church, the giving increased 28% ...


Karen kingsbury

Karen and Danny

Karen Kingsbury and Daniel Evans at a book event in Richmond, Virginia.  Daniel also met many other great author's at this event from different parts of the US.


Ministry Today and Charisma

Enjoying Life with Purpose   

The book, 'A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential,' has appeared in several issues of Ministry Today and Charisma hard copy and online magazines.


Time - A Valuable Asset

Are you investing your time properly? Let us be more specific. Are you investing your time in the right people? How many times have you thought that someone is holding you back? Hopefully, you are not the one holding someone else back.


life and Leadership nuggets

These images contain thought provoking messages for life and leadership. There are golden opportunities for you to excel beyond self-limitations and those placed on you by others. We have used these golden nuggets for encouragement, social media postings and training. Our desire is to sow seeds of encouragement to help you properly tap your innate and learned potential.


Mister Acronym

Be on the look out for Mister Acronym coming soon. This is a recommended site for personal growth and encouragement. Daniel has been encouraged many times over by the work of this inspirational and encouraging developer. He is a gifted individual with the art of using words in an amazing way.


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