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The winner of the 5-Star Book Review contest is Jodi Friend. Thanks to Jodi and each one who participated by submitting a book review on and Barnes & Noble. If you contacted us during this contest we use your email address to keep you updated of another contest coming soon. If you did not contact us, you can by clicking the button below. Send us your email so we can keep you updated. The NEW CONTEST will run up to Christmas. Don't wait! Contact us NOW! Click here!

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need help in your finances?

Is this you? Do you desire to be financially free? Pursue knowledge of how to get rid of the chronic pain of living week to week and the feeling of having no control over your financial status.

Our goal is to help businesses, individuals and their families strive to live lack free, debt free, and worry free!


four important words

Commitment is the superglue that maintains a strong bond. When failure occurs, a good place to start looking for greater chances of a no repeat is at the commitment. A good way to understand commitment is to compare commitment to a magnetic lock and action as the constant electricity. If action, the electricity, is stopped; the commitment, the magnetic lock, will cease to hold.



Daniel's latest book

As a leader, I have learned many lessons. Some of them even took me through the school of hard knocks. Dragged to the woodshed would be a bed of roses compared to some of life’s lessons. I believe they have prepared me for future lessons. Can you relate?


new - Prayer notes

This new page is coming before the Christmas holiday! These prayer notes are derived from prayers by Frank Blalock with Christian business people. He has a strong anointing as a Prophet to the business community. He is heavily involved with Daniel Evans in ministry and business, Christ Connection Ministries International, Ailing Hua Foundation, Men of Significance and Burning Bush Ministries.

prayer notes


review highlight on amazon

...The insights contained in the book require one to continually reflect and grow as a leader over time. Leadership qualities do incorporate so many human and spiritual dimensions, and Mr. Evans has done a wonderful job of weaving it together. There is an element of "faith" that business schools don't teach that this book incorporates as part of its core message.

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Teaching Package

When the ‘Extraordinary Giving Teaching Package’ of the book ‘Extraordinary Giving’ was taught at my home church, the giving increased 28% ...


Karen kingsbury

Karen and Danny

Karen Kingsbury and Daniel Evans at a book event in Richmond, Virginia.  Daniel also met many other great author's at this event from different parts of the US.


exercise your right to vote

Follow the candidates and vote for the one who not only will bring change to America, but positive change! Pray for each candidate and each side of the aisle, because one of them will be our next President! One nation under God!

take a stand

Time - A Valuable Asset

My Favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. ~ Steve Jobs

Are you investing your time properly? Let us be more specific. Are you investing your time in the right people? How many times have you thought that someone is holding you back? Hopefully, you are not the one holding someone else back.


life and Leadership nuggets

These images contain thought provoking messages for life and leadership. There are golden opportunities for you to excel beyond self-limitations and those placed on you by others. We have used these golden nuggets for encouragement, social media postings and training. Our desire is to sow seeds of encouragement to help you properly tap your innate and learned potential.


want sauce with your nuggets

My dad told me of a friend of his that could talk anyone into doing almost anything for him. There was a downfall. He did not know when to stop talking. On many occasions he talked himself out of a commitment made by someone else to him. Communication is a privilege and can produce great results. Use skill and discernment in all your conversations.

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