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Personal evangelism is the key, which teaches people to win souls right where they are, every day. There is no need for special callings, training or education. Be a witness to family, friends, coworkers and people you meet during your daily routines in the workplace and your personal activities. A good soldier will fight where he is stationed and not disobediently wasting his time looking for new action or battlegrounds. August '17 Letter

In our own back yards, so to speak, are many divine opportunities that will help us be faithful and prove our stewardship. Is our faithfulness measured in the amount of work we attempt to complete? Is it measured in the size of each task? No! It is neither of these! It is measured by our obedience to what God has asked us to do, whether small or large. Stay faithful by being consistent, persistent, and resistant to the temptations of procrastination and quitting. September '17 Letter

The seasons of life will seem like a passing vapor when we focus on God and the purpose He has for each of us. Before you know it, fall and winter will have passed and we will be entering into the freshness of new life that comes with spring. Knowing your purpose, walking in your calling, fulfilling your destiny, pleasing God, doing His will, or how ever you may phrase it, is very simple. Knowing who you are in Christ will open the door to His will for you. It is the most fulfilling experience you will ever receive. October '17 Letter

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