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HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! 2017 is history and 2018 has come. Let's be 2018 winners by acknowledging who we are in Christ and receiving what He has provided for us. When this is done, we will be in the position to lead others to the winners’ circle too. Winners make a difference in the lives of others by giving them hope. Sports’ fans feel like winners when their favorite team wins. God redeems people and leaves them on earth for a purpose. We, the redeemed, make a difference by being the salt and the light of the world. Let's add value to someone's life today, because we increase our value when we do. This is what Jesus did when He walked this earth. He is still doing the same by the indwelling Holy Spirit through His followers. Remember, the word Christian means to be Christ-like! January '18 Letter

Before the Almanac, weather channels and technology people were in touch with what was going on around them more so than now. Changing times have caused people to get calloused to their senses that at one time kept them in touch with their surroundings and to the things of God. At this time in humanity’s existence, we have become dependent upon many things. These things include alarm clocks, TV’s, radios, the internet, telephones and so many other developments of technology that we seldom use the abilities God has given to each of us. This not only affects our discernment of signs that indicate weather changes, but signs that has the potential to lead to family, financial, health and spiritual problems. April '18 Letter

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