The Next Step

Posted November 2023 to Prayer Fortress Blog

You can never imagine how I can feel so honored and humbled at the same moment! To finally see this phase and development of the Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center is a dream coming into reality! The effects are a testament to the very best of skilled artists, designers, and animation professionals working together and building upon each other’s genius to create the most perfect model imaginable as a template for future construction.

This project has been nearly a decade in the making from the initial directive of the Holy Spirit to embark on this adventure. And it has been a wonderful journey of discovery through intercessory prayer and research that brought together all the pieces of the puzzle.

I would be remiss if I did not mention one key element that has brought the Global Prayer Fortress and Prophetic Center to fruition as relates to where we are right now! It is the encouragement to keep moving forward. When you step out there where others have not gone it can be a daunting task but I owe a real debt of gratitude to my friend Daniel Evans that embraced this concept and design and began to labor tirelessly along side of me in the last few years to fine tune design and renderings along with investing much of his own financial and technical resources so we’re now ready for the next step. Thank you Daniel!

Frank Blalock

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